Free to Love

I’m going to go out of the box on this one. I need you to use your imagination and have an open mind.

“Take a moment and think about what happens if you take a broken heart and mend it with a caterpillar in the center.

Now I want you to add gentle swirls coming off the caterpillar and filing the heart. These will represent your struggles, losses and fears.

Take a moment and really look at the image, notice the strength of your swirls, and focus on the center of your heart. Those hurts and broken dreams are what has made you whole again. By allowing yourself to feel the pain and bring it to the surface, you have begun to heal your heart.”

I’ve attended a women’s retreat this weekend most of which was silent. The past 30 hours or so have been filled with many soul searching moments but most of all I have figured out that I have come full circle since beginning my journey four years ago.

The pivotal moment came for me today while prayer walking outdoors on a beautiful sacred campus. After walking I took a pen to paper and began to draw what I was feeling. Not in words but in an image. Before I knew it I had filled my heart with the love and passion of the butterfly. It was at this moment that I was ready to fully give it all up, let it go and make my heart free to love again.

Saying it felt amazing is an understatement!! Especially when I got a good look at my drawing, it really made sense to me.

My heart now has wings and is free to fly. I trust there are bigger and better things ahead and I am now fully open to experience them.

If you can I highly recommend a short quiet time, actual silence and just be with your thoughts. Then when you ready, take a pencil to paper and let it go. You may be amazed by what you have created!!!

I welcome your thoughts. Have you doodled your feelings?


Courageous Butterfly



One thought on “Free to Love

  1. Kim,
    I’m glad you are again feeling whole.
    I am not there yet – but I have always continued to be able to love.
    I do continue to be very guarded as to whom I share my innermost feeling with completely.
    I think having my first Grandson helped me a great deal to love again completely. He takes me for who I am and I take him for who he is. He gets upset with me at times – when I won’t do exactly what he wants and I at times get upset with him when he becomes too demanding – but the love is always there.
    Perhaps someday I will again open my heart enough to another man so we might share a special bond. However – at this point in my life I have yet to heal enough to let that happen. Luckily – I do not feel the need. I am happy just spending time with family and friends. Not opening myself up completely to many – including my own children.
    I hope to someday be able to again find the freedom to again be completely honest with everyone who cares about me – but that is definitely going to take more time.


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