Out of the Chrysalis

Celebrating and embracing the transformation within


Snapshot_20141012 (50)I was devastated when I found out as anyone would be.  The divorce was extremely long and painful.  I managed to get myself into counseling and support groups but I was going down hill fast!  That’s when I started to journal.  I found that writing my feelings out in ink rather than paying $120.00 an hour for counseling was actually helping me.  I also found it helpful to talk to other’s who had not only gone through what I had, but those who also lost something.  It didn’t have to be a marriage it could be any type of loss.  Divorce, Death, Betrayal, Job Loss, all these things have the same thing in common; they force a person to have to go through some type of transformation, while enduring pain and suffering.

At this point in my journey I have just now accepted my impending transformation from a married person to a confident single woman.  This blog is a tool not only for me in my journey but for anyone who is out there that was forced into a major change in their lives that may have been difficult and painful.  It is to serve as an outlet for other’s to share stories, suggestions, advice, and resources so that we can make positive transformations into who we are supposed to be.

I encourage you to comment on my posts, discuss and share your story.  By working together we will not run from or be fearful of our transformation but we will choose to embrace it, work at it and accept it in all of it’s stages.

Courageous Butterfly



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for that comment! I belive courage comes deep from within and if you are brave enough to bring it out, trust your feelings then you can’t fail!

  2. I love courageous people 🙂
    It takes courage to be authentic and to live fully. Enjoy! xox

  3. We learn best through stories – thank you for sharing yours.

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