The Book: Out Of The Chrysalis ~ Free To Fly



I am still in awe that I have actually finished this project.  It seems like so long ago that I made the decision to share my story in a format other than blog posts.  I’ve stated from the very beginning of my new journey that my soul purpose is to be a source for other’s like me who have survived a loss, and that statement remains true today.

I wanted to be creative when sharing my story and still cling to the idea of the butterfly.  I sought out and researched all the stages a caterpillar goes through when making its change into the butterfly.  In,  Out of the Chrysalis: Free to Fly, I compare those stages to the those of loss that we as humans go through on our journey towards transformation.

As this is the very first book I have written, I really had no concept of how long it would take, but never did I dream it would be two years later before it was completed.  Then one day it hit me, that I couldn’t finish it any sooner because I was living the experiences that I needed to share.   The book is complete, and I am living through my transformation, preparing for that day when I will be ready and free to fly.

I am confident that I have reached my goal of providing a guiding source for anyone grieving a loss in an uplifting compassionate way.  I look forward to starting on my next proproduct_thumbnail (1) ebookject with the same goal in mind.

I am grateful and thankful to all who is reading and sharing my story, may your journey towards healing be full of wonder and surprise as mine has been.



Courageous Butterfly

Out Of  The Chrysalis: Free to Fly is available in print and eBook versions.

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Out Of The Chrysalis: Free to Fly Print Version

Out Of The Chrysalis: Free to Fly eBook Version

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