About the Author

Kimberly ~ Certified Spiritual Director
 aka ~ Courageous Butterfly

My Mission: To comfort, inspire, motivate, laugh with, talk with and share my story with those on the journey of loss and healing. Finding a light in the darkness by means of faith, community, love and respect.

Why me?

Due to divorce, I’ve lived, felt and endured loss and have been called to be there for others as they embark on their journey. My struggle was filled with bouts of pain, sadness, and also joy and comfort; the events of which put me through the ringer! During those years I had to work really hard to keep myself from slipping down the wrong path. The gift in that is, during the struggle God was forming me into a much stronger version of myself. Much like a caterpillar, I didn’t have a choice in the struggle or how long it would take me to complete the transformation. At some point, I would break out of the chrysalis and once it opened, I would use the tools I gained and flutter off into my new life.

If we think about the caterpillar’s trial of being in the chrysalis not knowing why  or how long he/she will suffer before transforming into the beautiful butterfly, we can relate that to what it is that we are going through.  My chrysalis was the process of divorce.  I was stuck there grieving my marriage and holding onto the pain fearing I was not strong enough to handle what was on the outside.

Now I live with a healthy obsession for the caterpillar and butterfly. Having gone through the pain, I embrace the true spirit of transformation and I live my life in finding God In All Things. Through my difficulties, God has molded me into this ministry so that I may walk through all aspects of loss with those on a similar journey.

Am I qualified?

Funny you should ask…I once submitted an article to the New York Times on the subject of Divorce. They loved it and it was to be published, needless to say I was deflated when I got word they had changed their mind. When I asked about the rejection, I was told that I was not certified or experienced enough on the subject of Divorce. I’m not sure how one goes about getting certified and you would think that having lived it would make me experienced. Anyhow, God had other things in mind and I am happy to report that I am now married to a wonderful man and hold a certification in Spiritual Direction, through the Ignatian Spirituality Institute. The program is designed around the areas of study of Theology, Scripture, Spirituality, and Psychology.

Fun Facts:

Butterflies Everywhere is my motto! I love to connect with the beauty which is in the struggle of transformation from caterpillar to butterfly. I am passionate about my ministry of companionship with other’s on a spiritual journey as well as their time of loss. I am also, what I consider an, on again/off again 5k runner. Some days it’s great and other’s not so much. I began running at the age of 47 and had never run before in my life, well maybe just away from the occasional bee. As of today, my PR is 34.36 and I’m completely happy with that number!

Join our community:

I’ve touched the struggle, and I’ve healed through the pain. I completely understand what it feels like to be broken and I’m here to guide you to where the light of your strength is…together, we will prepare you for the journey…and one day you will fly free.


Courageous Butterfly

2 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. I thought I’d share something with you that I wrote about after I had experienced it – about 6 months after my ex told me of his months of infidelity when he traveled to another state for business each month and wanting a divorce. At that time – we had been married for over 39 years.
    Sorry for the length.

    I want to remember this turning point for me in my recovery.

    I went to the UCC Womens retreat in October. It was based on women of the Bible, but also on works by Judy Chicago. For our craft project we were instructed to make a plate for a dinner party that represented a woman who had inspired us, or been important in our lives.

    I stood at the table of craft items, unable to think of anyone to base my plate on. It was a beautiful fall day outside. So I decided to take a walk and to walk the outdoor labyrinth.

    In the past, I have been unable to find any true connection to the inner me, or God, when walking a labyrinth. This time was very different. As I walked and prayed, a peace came over me. I noticed a rock that caught my eye. It looked like a piece of granite, with little parts of it sparkling. I picked it up. I continued to the center of the labyrinth where others had left rocks and other items. Some had writing on them. I said a few prayers. Then I began my journey out of the labyrinth.

    About halfway out I came across another rock that I felt compelled to pick up. As I turned the rock over I saw it had writing on it. Written on it was the word “Health”. I began to put the rock down, knowing someone had left it as their prayer, but as I began to put it down, this voice inside my head said; “No, you need this.”

    After leaving the labyrinth, I walked along the path heading back to the camp. I noticed a piece of wood with a dark round dip in it. Again, I felt compelled to pick it up. It was at this point that I realized what each piece was that I had picked up so far.

    Next I was drawn to a rough piece that I thought was a stone. When I picked it up I realized it was a piece of bark. I threw it down and started to walk again. After a few steps, a thought came into my mind, no, you need that piece of bark. So I returned to the area where I had thrown it and retrieved it.

    Things like this continued throughout my walk. At one point I thought I was finished, but felt the urge to continue.

    When I told the ladies that evening about my plate I began by telling the other ladies that I hadn’t really followed directions. My plate wasn’t about a particular woman but about women in general. I told them that I was going through a divorce after 39+ years of marriage. That my husband had been unfaithful and he was the one who wanted the divorce.

    I then began to explain my plate. I told them of my journey on the labyrinth and how I found each piece. Then I told them how I made my plate.

    The center of my plate has a large Maple leaf with the words Love, Peace and Hope written on it. This leaf represents God and what he brings into our lives.

    On top of the leaf I have glued two feathers. They stand for the lightness and flight God brings to our lives when we seek him.

    Starting at the 1 position on a clock is a piece of broken glass I found. This represents the brokenness I felt when my husband told me of his unfaithfulness and lying for months.

    Next at the 3 o’clock position is the piece of wood with the dark indentation. This represents the hole that is in my heart, but the hole doesn’t go all the way through, so it will heal.

    Next, at the 6 o’clock position, is the piece of bark that I had at first thrown away. This represents the rough times we all experience in life, but we somehow managed to make it through. Made easier with the help of Friends, family and God.

    You will notice that this side of my plate with the difficulties has fewer items than the side with the positives.

    Next is the stone with the word Health written on it that I at first started to return to the labyrinth. This represents my journey back to mental and physical health.

    Next is the first rock I found. As I said, it reminded me of granite with the tiny sparkles in it. I’ve written the word strength, as granite is strong and I know I too have an inner strength that will help me through this terrible time.

    Next are the red berries that were surviving even though most of the leaves and other life in nature seemed to be dying. They of course represent survival.

    At the top is a small mum flower, representing new life.

    Surrounding my plate I placed lace to represent my openness to the love, comfort and support of my family and friends throughout this difficult time in my life.

    I’ve placed a small star at the top to represent my light again shinning through. The two butterflies represent rebirth. My old life is no more, so I am being reborn.

    As I said at the beginning, this plate represents women in general – even though it is meant for me in particular. I pray that even though it is not as beautiful as some of the other plates – what it represents – the rebirth of me – and all women who must deal with difficulties in their lives – will touch you as I was touched to make it.


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