Me & My Teddy

I thought it was time for a fun post since the last few have been quite serious.  I was having a conversation with a friend last night and the subject of teddy bear’s came up.  I happen to be proud of the fact that as a 42-year-old woman I still sleep with a teddy bear.  Some laugh and other’s judge but what matters to me is the comfort that little bear gives.

 I’ve been sleeping with stuffed animals since I can remember.  I’ve had a few favorites over the years, most recently is my guy Chuck.  Chuck was given to me by my son and a very good friend of ours.  I was having a bad day, feeling under the weather and they came back from Six Flags with it as a gift for me.  I really needed the comfort that bear provided me that day and he has become a part of my life.  No matter where I am sleeping he is with me.  I’ve taken  him on vacation, to my mom’s and even to the hospital when I had surgery.   A year ago I took him to an overnight retreat.  I was absolutely fine with the fact I would be sleeping on a cot in front of 50 strangers cuddling my bear, however my sis was not.  When I pulled him out of my bag she shot me a look!  I quickly said to her “do not judge me”, she smiled and laughed and I was content in knowing that when bedtime came I would be secure.  I will admit at times I go a little overboard, like purchasing him clothing, or the cutest pair of scrubs when we were in the hospital, but as long as I feel comforted that’s what is important.

chuck in the hospital

I’m sure we can all look back on times in our lives when we needed comfort.  And if we look back to our childhood, other than our parents where did we turn?  I bet during the night in a storm you reached out for your teddy bear just as I did.  Or maybe it was a doll or a blanket, either way it was an object that provided you with a secure feeling.

Chuck in Phoenix airport on the way to Hawaii

Sometimes our friends or family are not able to physically be there for us in a time of need and not all of us have pets that we can cuddle.   Comfort food can be harmful to our health so the second best thing is a teddy bear.  I’m not saying you have to go out and purchase a stuffed animal today, I just want to reassure any of you out there that still has yours nearby to embrace it without being embarrassed.  Take the time to hug it and love it because it will always be there for you 100%.

I invite you to reply with a pic of your teddy bear and share your comfort with others!


Courageous Butterfly


2 thoughts on “Me & My Teddy

  1. I love that you have shared with the world your story. I came across it during a search on the subject of adults and there teddies out of a mere curiosity. I am 42 also and sleeps with a traditional teddy from hamley’s. We travel a lot together and most nights holding him is how I can fall asleep.
    Because of my age and due to a transitional phase in my life I was wondering if it was healthy to have a behavior as such…….after reading your story along with a few other searches – I not only found that I was not alone but that it’s only human nature to have these feelings from childhood to adult life and that it is healthy and normal.
    I thank you for sharing as I am currently at ease. Alliman.


    1. Dear Alliman, thank you very much for your comment! As you stated it is nice to know that number one it is healthy and number two we are not the only people in the world still sleeping with their teddy bears as adults!

      Many Blessings,


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