Silly Instances

We’ve all had that moment when we think something is totally off the wall silly.  What do you think would happen if what you thought was a silly instance actually turned out to be something life changing?

I actually experienced that today and let me tell you it’s the most amazing feeling I’ve had in a very long time!  I think most of us take for granted the silliness in our lives.  We look upon those moments as being insignificant moments of time.  If we continue to look past the silliness instead of looking into it we may miss out on something very important.

Because of privacy laws I cannot go into full detail about my experience in this blog, however I can share with you the impact it had on me.  In a 15 minute moment that I thought had started out to be just silly, I realized that I am exactly where I”m supposed to be at this point in my life.  Even though I had to go through something completely horrible the past two years, that experience has placed me where I am today and I can finally say I’m happy I’m here.

I have learned not to take for granted the silly moments we have in our lives.  Just like everything else, silly or not, they are there for a reason.  Take the “Pet Rock” for instance.  Silly?  Heck yes;  but the inventor is now a millionaire.   Another good example of silly instances is The Three Stooges.  That show provided laughter for millions of people but I can probably guarantee that one of the first people to view it said, “Oh how silly”.

I am thanking God today that I took 15 minutes out of my day to let the silliness show me that I am on the right path.  I am just where he wants me to be and it is so calming to be able to see that!

So do me a favor and the next time you find yourself in a situation that you are finding silly stop, take a breath, and really look into it a little further before you pass it off as silliness because it could change your life!

Courageous Butterfly



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