Lighten The Load

We all carry around extra baggage in our lives.  This can be in the form of external baggage as in being overweight, taking on too much at once, or being around negative influences.    We also carry around internal baggage such as stress, worry, fear, loss, guilt, low self-esteem or hanging onto being hurt by someone or something.

So  how and when do we know  it is time for us to “lighten the load” and begin to rid ourselves of the extra baggage we are carrying?  I think an important step would be to learn to trust your feelings.  If  someone or something is dragging you down then it’s time to take a good look at the relationship or situation.  If it is causing a negative affect in your life you will need to do something about it.  This can be hard for some of us especially if you are not confident in yourself to move on without the baggage that you have been holding on to. When we get used to something in our lives we cling to it.  Even if it’s negative, there is a comfort in knowing it will always be there.    I’m being vague here because there are so many things that the baggage could be.  It could be  a negative person in your life, a negative lifestyle, a loss, a fear, or general feelings of worry and stress.  This list goes on.  No matter what your “load” may be it’s important for you to learn how to live without it if you are going to move in a positive direction towards your transformation.

If we continue to carry around this negative load  it can take a toll on us not only emotionally but also physically.  Some develop ulcers, others have a rise in blood pressure and there are many other health signs that we are carrying a load that is too heavy.  So how do we begin to lighten the load?   Well first we need to look and see what is in our immediate control.  I would probably say any external baggage is within our power to change.  It will all take work, diet is not easy, job changes are stressful, but in the long run will in turn make your life better.  The internal baggage will be more complicated and finding a place to start may require some reflection on your part.

During my reflection one day the Serenity Prayer came to mind:

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Serenity is peacefulness, calm, tranquility, quietness and stillness.  If you are in a position where you cannot control when or how you dump your baggage keep those words in your mind.  Focus on the stillness of a pleasant moment or the peacefulness you will feel when you have found the courage to make the changes that you can; the calmness you will carry around when you have discovered the wisdom to know the difference.   These word’s can  help to bring you to a point of acceptance, courage and wisdom to continue to move you towards a positive change.

Courageous Butterfly



2 thoughts on “Lighten The Load

  1. Reminds me of the song Suitcases. It is hard to run when you are holding suitcases, and I had never thought about baggage as being negativity in my life. Well said Kim, you once again have made me stop, reflect, and apply!!!
    Love you!


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