A Must See Video!

I stumbled upon this tonight when I was playing around in google and I was amazed!  It’s a butterfly hatching from a chrysalis and it’s in HD!

We have been talking a lot about struggles and how the caterpillar struggled to finally break free of the chrysalis.  Well watching this video really shows you how hard the caterpillar worked to be reborn into the world!  The chrysalis is translucent so it looks like it would be easy to break free from but it clearly is not.   When I first looked at the video I expected it to break free all at once, I had no idea how hard it was.  Sometimes people around us may be thinking the same thing about our struggle.  To outsiders it may look like we should be healing quicker or getting through our struggles faster.  But they are not in your cocoon so how could they know the work you have ahead of you.

Also notice once it does finally break free it clings to the cocoon.  It is still struggling with leaving that comfortable place and completing the transformation before it finally spreads open it’s wings to move forward.

Watching this video really makes you stop and think and it may help you to put things into perspective.  Yes you will have struggles but you will get through them eventually and once you are free you may have difficulty moving forward but eventually you will and your transformation will be complete.

The only downside is I wish this video had some soft music to go with it you’ll just have to imagine!  Enjoy!

Courageous Butterfly


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