Healing Takes Time

The length of time the caterpillar stays in the chrysalis before transformation happens depends on the species.  Some take only weeks others can take months.  This is also true for us humans!  Some of us will go through a difficult situation and be able to heal from it very quickly, others will take weeks, months, even years.

I wanted to post this topic for discussion because yesterday I realized I’m still very much in the healing process.  Even though I’ve begun my transformation out of the chrysalis I am still dealing with the pain of my situation.   I was at work doing what I do and was asked one simple question:

“How are you doing”?

I did not even stop to think how I wanted to answer that; it all just came pouring out.  Suddenly I found myself in tears telling this person how I REALLY was.  I did not fake it, or say I was doing well when I really wasn’t.  I had done this in the past when asked that same question.  I would put on a happy face  and lie through my teeth.

After that conversation I thought to myself “you did it”  you have made it through another transformation step.  I can admit how I’m feeling and in doing so can work through those feelings and continue to heal.  It turned out to be a really good conversation for me with that person.  I talked through only what I was feeling at the time, not everything I had gone, through just what I was dealing with in that moment.

The next time someone asks “How are you doing”?  don’t think about your answer and you may surprise yourself when you can answer honestly and you also will be continuing to heal.

Courageous Butterfly



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