Be The CUP

Is your CUP 1/2 full or 1/2 empty?

We have all uttered that phrase on one or more occasion and I’m sure you have also been asked to answer it.  The rule is that if someone says their cup is half full they are a positive person and if someone says their cup is half empty they are a negative person.  Let’s think about the person who says ” I Am The Cup”.

I will be totally honest and tell you that during my time of trial I was the half empty girl.  I was constantly focused on the negative aspects of what I was going through never realizing that I am the cup and therefore I can control its contents.  In fact, I didn’t realize that until today.  The last few years have been full of negativity which I assumed was brought on by the situation when in fact I could have decided to handle that trial with a totally different outlook.

One of the reasons I developed this blog is because I don’t want others to be where I was when I went through my struggle.  I want to be able to reach out to others and tell them what I didn’t see until now.  I think being able to be in control of your feelings during your struggle and being the one to choose if your glass is half empty, half full or if in fact you can become the glass is HUGE!  I was so focused on the “bad” because I could not find good in my situation.  Had I taken a moment to realize that even though what I was going through was not what I wanted or chose, it was happening.  It was a fact of life I could not stop and I was the only one with the power to make the best of it.  

We all have the power to be the CUP.  We control the contents and we have the power to decide how we will react, how we will feel and how we will let it affect our lives.  When I realized this today I felt empowered!  I feel like I can make real changes in my life that will be beneficial to me and others around me.  I know things turned out the way they did for a reason, it was God’s plan, however I also know that had I used this knowledge two years ago my outlook on my new life would have been 100% better.  I would have been more confident in knowing that I made my choices because I was the one in control of what was in my CUP.

Take the time to reflect and ask yourself  “can you be the CUP”?  Once you decide you are the CUP, only you hold its contents.  Do not let what is going on in your life control what is in your cup.  Instead, control your reaction to what it is you are dealing with.


Courageous Butterfly