Help me title the eBook!

Hello reader’s my little fingers have been very busy clicking away on the key board and I am confident I will finish the eBook by my deadline of June 30th with a launch date of July 7.  Of course that’s barring any unforseen technical difficulties.  As I’ve mentioned before if you become an email subscriber the eBook is yours for free and will be automatically emailed to you.  As soon as I figure out how to do that.  LOL just teasing, I have it covered.

But what I don’t have covered just yet is the title.  I’ve been tossing around two ideas and would like your input and if there is anyone who would like to suggest a title I will also take those into consideration.  If I chose at title that you have suggested I will give a shout out for title courtesy of….etc.  By the way don’t be surprised if my two suggestions have to do with the butterfly.  🙂  The first one is just something I thought would be fun;other than it pertaining to the butterfly it does not hold a special meaning for me.  The second one has a little more personal meaning behind it.

The Butterfly Maiden

My research tells me that the butterfly maiden brings us light, joy and wisdom to enjoy each day no matter what has happened to us in our lives.  She is a powerful Goddess to call upon for any kind of deep personal transformation or metamorphosis.

Photo:  I will need an original drawing

Post It’s For The Journey

I have stated before that when I have an idea for a blog post it jot it down on a post it for later, well I have saved each one and  I”ve placed them on a large butterfly which hangs on my wall.  That butterfly was first placed in my nursery by my daddy when I was born.  It spent many years in the attic and was placed back upon my wall just after my divorce was final.  I’ve taken a pic for you.

So there you have my two title ideas.  I’m looking for input and advice.  The eBook is going to be used as a tool to represent my blog so keep that in mind when deciding on your choice.

What I need from you is your feedback.  Either respond in the comments, email or message me on face book what your title choice is.

I will keep track of each person that responds  and when the title is chosen I will pull a name, that person will receive special recognition in the eBook for being an active part of changing lives!




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