eBook In Progress!!!

Hello this will be just a quick informative post.  I wanted to announce that I am currently working on an eBook to help spread the news of my blog.  I’ve been doing some research lately on blogging and most good bloggers put out an eBook manifesto, just a 20 or 25 page little book that describes the blog, what the content of the blog is about, and a little on the author.

I would like to feature one of my blog posts in this eBook and this is where I need YOUR help.  If you could just take a few minutes to rate your favorite post, the one with the most votes will be featured.  You have one week to get your votes in all you have to do is click on the stars above the post, it’s that easy!

And the awesome part of it all is that the eBook will be downloadable for free to all of my current email subscribers and also any new email subscriber.  Once it is all up and running there will be a section for new subscribers to fill in their email information and the blog will be immediately downloadable.  For all of my current email subscribers I will email your downloadable copy directly to you.

I’m hoping to have this project completed with the next month and I will continue to email updates on my progress.

Thank you all for being such loyal and wonderful followers it means the world to me!


Courageous Butterfly


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