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My new post is coming in just a few, but for the moment take the time to read from a fellow blogger.


It’s the little things in life that can be the most devastating to a child. For example, Easter shoes. My oldest “G” has a multitude of shoes, in all colors. My little one, “A” is happy with a much smaller selection. A outgrew all her shoes, so we were on a mission to find her a pair. G assumed she’d be getting a new pair as well. Her creamy sparkley ones “just don’t fit anymore mom!” said shoes were just worn last week to school. Conniving isn’t she?

FYI, procrastinating for Easter shoes is NOT recommended. 3 stores, and 2 tired girls later, I find a single, lonely pair hanging in a random place. These were for A. Perfect fit. Yay! But no such luck for G. Crocodile tears drenched her face as we left each store, shoeless.

Was the 4th store a success? Nope. I loved this cute ballet…

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