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Alright. So most everyone who knows me, or knows me well enough, can attest to the fact I like 2 things. Talking and Talking. Being a mom of 2 vivacious little girls affords me a lot of talking. But I sometimes miss the adult kind. So why not share about my crazy days, and hope I can share a little happiness out of my fast and frenzied life.

First things first. My blog name. I actually looked up in my dictionary “screaming”. And this little gem appeared as part of the definition. scream: something in a high-pitched, frenzied way. Hmm. That sounds about right.

So a little more about me. I quit full time work to SAH with my girls. And by SAH, I work 2 part time jobs on nights and weekends, and I thank God everyday that I have that outlet. I also do a little photography on…

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