Taking charge and moving forward

I wanted to begin totally off topic first and let you all know that I’ve become completely addicted to post it notes!  Since I began writing this blog I hear topics in almost every conversation I have.  For instance today at work I was speaking with a co-worker and within what she was saying I heard the words “taking charge and moving forward”.  I cannot even tell you what we were talking about because all I heard was that blog title.  When I hear a line like that I immediately write it on a post it note and set it aside until I can tie it in with my words.  Sometimes it may take a couple of days before I’m ready to let my fingers hit the keyboard, but not today!  I have been looking at the post it note all day and I could not wait until I had the time to sit down and write.

Taking charge and moving forward, I believe I am.  I’ve had a lot of stress over the past year and way too many decisions that needed to be made and my initial reaction was to retreat and let someone else figure it out for me.  In some instances I did just that and in other’s I made a guess as to what I should do.  In light of what I went through, I didn’t feel like I had a very good track record of  making good decisions.  In fact, one of the major decisions I did end up making  turned out to be a major “I told you so” moment.

In a strange twist of fate it was the ” I told you so” moment that has pushed me into realizing that it’s now or never;  I have to make the decision to take charge of my life or I will never be able to move forward.  I’ve made a couple of  big decisions and things seem to  be moving into place, slowly but at a pace where I know I can remain in control.

I know I’m still going to have challenges ahead but they are my challenges to face.  I am now the only one in control of my life.  I have finally made the one decision that I know will move me forward!  I cannot wait to see where my new life takes me and I can honestly say I’m ready for the ride!

Courageous Butterfly 2/27/12

And a Very Happy 16th Birthday to my son 😉

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