We ARE the Caterpillar!

Here I was enjoying a really bad chick flick tonight when I heard a wonderful quote in the movie

” You can’t stop what’s done to you, you can only survive it”

I immediately thought of the caterpillar who cannot stop its transformation,  but if it has the proper conditions in which to transform survives and becomes a butterfly!

You may think I’m  a bit obsessed with the butterfly and I’ll admit I probably am.  But it’s only because of what it symbolizes.  True strength, determination, rebirth, and courage.  We need all of these things in order to get over the hurt or pain we are suffering from.    Just like the caterpillar, we also need the proper conditions in which to transform.  I was given a very big gift during my difficult time and was placed along side many people who helped me through every difficult day.  Those were the conditions I needed to begin my transformation.

Make sure you are surrounding yourself with family, love and time for yourself to reflect on what you are going through.  Seek out the tools you need in order to continue your transformation.  Maybe it’s just quiet time to journal, or maybe it’s surrounding yourself with friends.  Only you know what YOU need in order to continue your transformation and be able to grow and move through any pain you are feeling.

Next time you think you have reached your maximum and you can’t push any further, remember that like the caterpillar you too are a survivor!

Courageous Butterfly


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