When Life Weighs You Down…

A friend of mine sent me this picture saying it could be the beginning of a great blog post. I was not only honored that she was thinking I could write a great post, the timing of it was perfect. This week I have had something very heavy that I’ve been carrying around with me since the divorce.  I’ve been patiently waiting for the matter to be resolved and it’s just not happening. This message from my friend came at a time when I really needed it.

When I first looked at the picture I was surprised because I was not focused on the butterfly, I only saw the rock.  I could relate more with it than I could the butterfly.  I have to admit that freaked me out! When I look at the rock I see the pressures that have been building up.  I see my worry attached to the rope.  I wondered, what will it take to clip that rope and set the butterfly free?  Then I thought, what will it take to set me free?

Long story short there have been circumstances out of my control that are causing this matter not to be resolved, yet I am the one carrying the weight.  I have tried countless times to let it go.  I even have placed it in my worry box; when I have something I need to let go and let God, I write it on a slip of paper and lock it up inside.  I’ve had this matter in the box since December 2010.  Even when the circumstances were good for this particular matter, I still had some distress.

As I was dealing with the events of the week I kept thinking back to the picture.  I wondered, what do I need to do in order to cut my rope on this particular circumstance?  What do I need to do to release myself from this strain so that I am free to move forward?  I also questioned, is it time to sever the tie, or do I still have things to take care of before I can do that?

The only reasonable answer to those questions is that I will control what I can, and try to better the situation.  With the hope, that once I do, my bond will be broken and I will be set free.  I decided since it’s been over a year I better write it down again, as a reminder that some things I cannot control.    After doing so, it is a little easier to see the butterfly.  I can also see where the string is tied.  It looks like all it needs is a little tug and the burden will be released.

So my friends I ask you, what is weighing you down and what will it take before you can tug?  I’d love for you to share, leave a comment and begin to set yourself free.


Courageous Butterfly,


On a side note, I’d like to dedicate this post to my Women’s Renewal Team.  Joy & New Hope 2012.