A Belly of Butterflies…

It’s late summer/early fall and the Monarch’s are beginning their migration. Each year I look for more research on this blessed event and I’m always left in awe. It is not surprising that I am stunned yet again.  Did you know that when a Monarch migrates, a direct descendant will be the one completing the journey?  There will be several generations of the butterfly who kicked it off and the returning Monarch will be one that has never been to the original destination. This butterfly will know exactly where to fly, even stopping on the same trees and flowers.  Inquiring minds want to know how this can be; could there be an internal clock; is there GPS tracking; will the generation before leave clues; is it harnessing the powers of intuition; or is it simply winks from God?

Let’s start with the idea of GPS tracking, only because I love the image of a butterfly connecting to Google maps by way of their antenna.  There is research which tells us that the Monarch will determine where they are on the earth’s surface by using the location of the sun.   As someone who is directionally challenged, that would be very difficult for me, say on the days when the sun is hiding behind a cloud.  The monarch, however, is able to sense the position of the sun even when it hides and continues moving on the path which has been laid out for it, but how?

Before we go deeper in to the previous question, let’s dive into the internal clock or intuition.  I looked back on a post from 2012, Trusting Intuition, and my thoughts still resonate with that.  I do however, have some additional insights I would like to add.  Imagine or recall a moment when you had an extremely strong feeling, good or bad, and you could not shake it.  You felt it in your bones and it affected every sensory center within you.  Mostly likely, this caused a bodily sensation, which is often referred to as “having butterflies in the belly”.  This will then generate an outward response which can be reaction, action or nothing at all.  We can’t know what the Monarchs are experiencing internally, but we can try and determine what is causing the intuition or “butterfly in the belly” affect inside of us.

At this point you’re wondering…where is she going with this…and my answer to that is only God knows!  Not even the migrating Monarch knows the path it will travel, but God does, and the Monarch just goes, allowing God to guide.  How amazing if we could do the same!

You are right where God intended.

GPS…God’s Positioning Service, then, is the answer! The sun is the tool with which God lures the butterfly towards its intended destination and for us, we move as God winks!

In September, 2012 when I first wrote on this topic, I was learning how to trust those feelings when they arose in me and act upon them rather than argue or ignore.  Today, as I reflect back I can see that I missed out on sharing something bigger…intuition equating to God’s Will, and God’s Positioning Service is the method in which we travel along our paths. 

So, we know now that the monarch isn’t Googling it’s way, it is being led by God.   As much as I would love too, I can’t fly using the sun as a tool from God, but I know another way to utilize my GPS and that’s with prayer!

I have had many conversations with God about his will for me and too many times I wondered if I was following His lead.  I’m pretty sure the Monarch doesn’t wonder, it knows to trust and because of that trust, a miraculous event occurs. 

I encourage you, when the butterflies flutter in your tummy, to enter into dialog with God in prayer. (in the sunlight if you really want to channel your inner butterfly) In doing so, you will be in tune with God and you will soon be able to pick up on all the GPS signals God is giving you.

Fun Fact! God just so happened to wink at me today when I realized the original post I referenced on intuition, was posted almost 7 years to the date…there is no doubt in my mind that I am on the path intended by God.

Are you in tune with God’s Positioning Service in your life?  Please share in the comments.

Kimberly ~ aka Courageous Butterfly

Trusting Intuition

This could possibly be one of the most difficult topics I”ve written on in a while.  As a survivor of divorce I will be the first to admit that trusting my intuition is something I had never done.  I was quick to assume that my doubt or feelings of worry were all in my head.  Most times what I was concerned about was something those around me had no idea was going on.  For the few that I had confided in there was no concrete proof.   I made the decision to look my intuition in the eye and just shake my head in wonder.

Since the divorce I have gone through a lot of emotional changes but this one I was unaware of until recently.  This past weekend my intuition paid a visit.  I was very surprised when it had arrived, as I had resolved a long time ago that our relationship had ended.  I was faced with a dilemma and instead of shying away from the feelings that were invading my gut I chose to act on them.  In doing so I was able to find the proof I needed to ease my wonder and solved the case!

I had a brief moment of fear creep in when I was going through all of the possibilities of what may or may not have transpired.  The most important of all of those feelings was that they were the SAME feelings I felt all those times in my  marriage when my intuition was trying to tell me something.   I even had the sickness in my stomach, which surprised me because the weekend event itself was not that upsetting.  It was not something I would hope would happen, but it was not life changing.  I’m glad though that I was able to have a mild reason to be able to learn to trust my intuition again.  This way the next time I am faced with something more serious, I will be more than ready.

I was happy, confident, and even gloated just a little bit.  I felt like I could really begin a new relationship with myself, my emotions, and what goes on in my silly little mind.  I had proven to myself that if I just take the time to think  and act on my feelings I can get to the bottom of things.

Then a switch was flipped.  As I stated this instance was an easy one.  The outcome that I was trusting in was not life changing like the divorce was.  I started to question whether or not I could trust my intuition if the stakes were higher.  We don’t know how we are going to react to any given situation.  If we can’t trust our own thoughts or feelings then I believe we won’t have trust in anyone or anything.  All situations come with doubt, even the good ones.  Deciphering between a feeling of doubt and an uneasy feeling is the hard part.

If something is making you uneasy then it is probably a good idea to get to the bottom of it.  Those uneasy feelings will only lead to more serious conditions.  Here is my take on it.  Feelings of doubt usually will go away after some consideration, advice gathering, reflection and prayer.  When  you are uneasy about something and your body is screaming at you, it is probably a good idea to listen to it.  If you immediately know the answer without having to guess; you have that feeling that you are correct;  something is pulling at your gut telling you this is how it is.  These are the times when you trust your intuition, your mind, and your body.

Trusting in what your body is telling you about the situation is not an easy task.  It will take practice, but most of all it will take a willingness on your part to face the outcome, good or bad.   A natural reaction in these situations is to ignore it.  We like to tell ourselves it will all work itself out. I have found there is a downside to that.  I spent many years telling myself those exact words instead of listening to my gut, and in turn had more difficulty when it did come time to face it.

This past weekend was a gentle reminder of what I am capable of when it comes to trusting in myself.  Just a day or so after this revelation I am faced with yet another circumstance this one is proving to be more challenging.  I have faith in myself that I will once again be able to trust my intuition and act accordingly.

During a significant life changing event we sometimes lose sight of the fact that we are really in tune with our emotions.  Sometimes we just need a little nudge to get us restarted again.  Is there a time when your intuition was screaming at you?  Please leave a comment.


Courageous Butterfly