How to Connect the ‘A’ Word to Spirituality

God plants desires into our hearts so that we enjoy life. The times when you have the urge to climb a tree, or simply admire a breathtaking view, God has given you that notion. Days that seem to drag will come, and when they do, revel in the memories of the more adventurous times. This blog post written by a dear colleague is a wonderful roadmap for bringing adventure into faith. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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Many years ago, I directed the musical, Peter Pan, for the high school where I taught.  I was always inclined toward that musical mostly because, well, I was a bit like Peter Pan, a child who simply would not ‘grow up!’  I loved climbing trees, swimming in creeks, sledding on hills, hiking in woods, and some of this crept into my adult years as well.  When I was in community leadership, I was appalled to learn that a new candidate in the novitiate had never whizzed on a sled down a hillside into a snowbank.  Early one evening I showed her how to do it and she exclaimed, “I can’t remember having so much fun in a blizzard in all my 26 years!!”  Twenty-six years I gasped!  And I wondered how did she ever live a real childhood and youth?

That’s the Peter Pan Principle in action!!

Well, my Peter Pan force has…

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