My Empty Suitcase

suitcase1September 5, 2013 may have been a normal day for most, for me it was life changing.  It was a typical day after work, I came home checked the blog and was ready to respond to the comments, never expecting what I was seeing on the screen.

Someone was hurting and  reaching out.  I wanted to jump through the computer and find her, hold her, cry with her and help her. For a brief moment I was paralyzed and did not know what to do, but my emotions took over and I was on the case!

Sometimes sharing feelings or reaching out for help can be looked at in a negative way.  Unfortunately there are people out there who don’t want to hear it or think that we are just complaining to get attention.  But what about those of us who are deeply hurting, on their wit’s end and just needing a place to share their feelings.  When I read her comment I could’ve just moved on to the next one and let it go, heck it was a click on my page. But that would have defeated my purpose of this blog, to help and embrace those going through the pain of loss.  So I did the most logical thing and called the police!  The poor “old” man who answered the phone replied to me with “what’s a blog?” . At that moment I knew that this was all going to be up to me.

Once I was able to make contact, and make sure she was OK and had a friend on the way to be with her I sat silently and just shivered.  I was proud of myself for sticking with it and making sure that this stranger was going to be alright, but at the same time wondering if anyone would have done the same for me, and that is what keeps this blog going.

Compassion, is one of the most important virtues one can possess.  Listening, sharing, looking into the eyes of someone who is hurting can mean the world to them.

suitcaseSo, at this point your wondering why my suitcase is empty….well in just a couple of days I will finally be meeting this woman who has changed me.  She has given me purpose with my blog. She has given me the confidence to continue writing in hopes that I am helping anyone else out there who may be reading.

We have shared a lot of the same hurts over the past few years as our circumstances were similar.  But I want to arrive with my suitcase empty and ready for her to not only share her world, her friendship and love, but to fill my bag with her strength, courage and hope so that I can return home and thrive on the bond that was grown out of sharing our stories and our openness to be there for each other, even though we had not met.


Courageous Butterfly



2 thoughts on “My Empty Suitcase

  1. Isn’t it funny how we block/forget the really bad times in our lives. The times when we feel so totally hopeless.
    When I read this post today, I thought, I wasn’t that bad in Sept. of 2013. Then I went back and read what I had written.
    OMG, I was indeed that bad!
    I no longer remember what was going on at the time, but I do know that my children are not someone I can talk to about my feelings. They, like most people, feel it is TIME to GET OVER IT!
    I am so very thankful that God brought us together. This weekend will be another blessing from God. Hopefully we can buoy one another and continue on with our healing.
    It is so very wonderful to have someone else in our lives who truly understands our pain and can tell us, it’s OK, tomorrow will be better!
    See you very soon!
    You will definitely recognize us when you see us at the airport. Not telling you why, but I know you will not be confused when you see us. (Grandson Frank and me)


    1. I’m the same way I have gone back on several occasions to my posts and thought omg I was pretty bad off at times. God definitely did bring us together. Can’t wait to see you and your grandson!!


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