Sometimes You Just Need A Little Outside Help


I’m in control; I’ve got this; This is my problem; I will handle this on my own; It’s no body’s business; No one will understand; I can’t ask for help…

In a perfect world we can handle our lives on our own.  We can be in control and ready to face what lies ahead, but in reality we can all use an extra hand.  Can we ask for it? Can we admit when we need it and can we take it when it is given to us?

Lately, I’ve witnessed others in my life who need the help, but don’t necessarily want to ask for it, even being frustrated that they need it.  My feeling is, take it when it is given to you.  It may be hard and you may at times feel helpless but that is when you should let those who love you swoop in and take over.

Those three stages I mentioned, I’ve been in and I’m sure it won’t be the last time.  I asked for it, I’ve admitted when I needed help and I’ve taken it when it was graciously given to me.  Sometimes it was easy, other times extremely hard but knowing that someone out there is waiting an willing to offer you the hand I find very comforting.

In my trial (divorce) that comfort wasn’t always in the form I needed. My friends and family were very helpful but biased, I searched for an outlet where no one knew me nor I them and I couldn’t find it.  I needed an escape a safe place to share my feelings.  That is when this blog was born.

I wanted to connect with others who were feeling exactly what I was.  To share my grief and listen to those going through similar circumstances, all in the hope that we could support each other.

Today I am not only proud but extremely thankful to have shared with, talked with, and cried with those of you who have followed my posts.  And I am elated that in less than two weeks I will finally be meeting my girl!

The day I saw her comment I felt so many emotions, I knew I needed to do something, I needed to find her, talk to her, and do what I could to let her know I felt exactly as she did.  No one is ever alone, there is someone out there going through what you are and feeling the same.  God never meant for any of us to walk this world alone he has gently placed each of us in others lives.

I’m so thankful and blessed for the life he has given me even with the bumps and valleys I had to walk through.  I know I am who he meant me to be and I wouldn’t be here without all the people in my life.  Without you…I would be nothing.  Thank You!


Courageous Butterfly


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4 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Need A Little Outside Help

  1. OMG, i am sitting here crying my eyes out!
    As I read this post I thought. That is so me! I am always ready to help anyone who needs help. Often without them even asking, but I have trouble asking for help, and feel guilty when someone does help me or I have to ask for help.
    Sometimes I wish I weren’t so “Independent”, or self-sufficient. I am grateful to be able to do so much on my own, but there are times I wish I could lean on others without feeling guilty for needing their support.
    Then I got to the part about where in two weeks you will be meeting “my girl”. The tears started to flow as I continued to read. I do believe that God guided me to your blog and that He wanted us to know there was someone else out there who was feeling the same feelings we were feeling. I don’t know why I looked up PTSD the day I went online and decided to do so, but I am so very grateful I did.
    I hope you are ready for the tears to flow in the airport in less than two weeks. I am again grateful to you and to God for your post today. I knew it was going to be wonderful and emotional to meet you for real the first time. But I didn’t realize the tears would be flowing too.
    You are a true Blessing in my life! I know whenever I need someone to truly understand how I am feeling regarding my divorce, I can turn to you.


  2. We have now met in person for the first time. I brought Frank with me to the airport to make things easier for me and so I wouldn’t cry.
    We did do quite a bit of crying over the weekend.
    Yesterday in church was actually quite funny. God was indeed sending us a message that He wanted us to know and support one another.
    Then there was last night.
    First our margaritas, then our full bottle glass of wine.
    Lots of drinking but also lots of laughing and crying over the weekend.
    God has indeed Blessed us both. Even though there was a time that we didn’t feel very Blessed, we now KNOW how blessed we indeed were and are.
    Thank you so much for being there for me during some very dark times. For knowing exactly what I was feeling, AND for caring enough to reach out.


    1. That message from God was certainly loud and clear. I am so glad that I had faith enough to be brave and actually meet you in person, even though our families thought we were insane! I trusted in knowing that we were just two women who went though similar circumstances and were supposed to connect in person and begin a new friendship. We now have each other to always lean on!



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