Roadmap to Healing After Divorce

This is perfect!!

Lessons From the End of a Marriage

healing map linear

healing map nonlinear

A. Your world collapses. You do do too. You feel like you’re coming undone at the seams and ever being okay again seems impossible.

B. Little by little, you start to make some improvement despite yourself. Maybe you go a few hours without crying. Perhaps you sign up for a class or start to exercise in an attempt to regain some control and to better yourself.

C. All of sudden, you feel invincible. Giddy, even. You feel as though you lost the dead weight and now you can fly. Maybe you feel a spark with someone and it ignites something within you. Perhaps you’ve conquered the legal divorce and it’s given you confidence.

D. This fall feels even worse than the first. It makes you question if you will ever really be better. If your spark is extinguished, you may find the secondary pain even worse than the initial trauma…

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2 thoughts on “Roadmap to Healing After Divorce

  1. I agree Kimberly – this is indeed perfect. I think we often chastise ourselves so much more at the second fall. I think because we believe we should be healing faster. It also feels like we are backsliding instead of moving forward.
    My New Years Resolution is to be Positive this year. So far so good! Have felt negative a few times but have rather quickly recovered by thinking of 3 positive things during those negative times.
    I am working with another lady on the opening of a Womens retreat. The theme of the retreat this year is Mindfulness. This also is helping me to be more positive.
    Blessings to you in the New Year and always!


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