Imagine……YOUR Change!

life is artI’m here!! It’s finally happened I have climbed an unimaginable hurdle and guess what? I survived!  Though the bumps and bruises along the way have left some scars, I feel like I am ready to embrace my change.  For so long I have wanted to make it all go away, there had to be a way I could go through it without actually living it.

Unfortunately I never found out how to do that.  The road was long and there were many times I wanted to just give up.  Today I sit in my new space with fresh walls that will hold only new memories for me and I am a very happy Butterfly!

It has been very strange since I moved, things are actually happening without a struggle.  The old saying “everything is falling into place” is really happening.  The last few weeks I have caught myself not wanting to get too excited thinking maybe I would jinx something.  If I were to do that though, I would miss out on a lot of new-found happiness.  My surroundings are beautiful, peaceful and a great place for new beginnings.  This weekend I spent decorating and boy did I put my heart into the energy and created what I think are some beautiful rooms.  It’s amazing that one little $2.00 purchase would get the creative juices going and an entire theme room took shape.   I took something that by itself was plain and simple, added a little glitz and created something spectacular.

I am a very lucky lady today, I have been given a chance to embrace my change and imagine all the possibilities of the future.  Just a few years ago I never would have given any of that a second thought.  I was stuck in the event that was forcing unwanted change and thought for sure that is where I would forever be.

My new assignment is to learn how to really take it all in without worry or stress.  I know the practice of living in the moment takes a lot of discipline but I am willing to give it one heck of a try.  Living day-to-day without stressing over something whether it be big or small is just what the doctor ordered.  I am Learning how to imagine a future where I can be happy. Anything_Is_Possible

Within these new plain walls, I have begun to create a canvas of hope.  Something I never thought would come, but will forever be a welcome guest in my new home.

Did you know when you were ready to imagine your change, your future?  Please comment.


Courageous Butterfly


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2 thoughts on “Imagine……YOUR Change!

  1. I’m so very happy for you Kimberly. You seem to have so much energy now. My only hope is that once you get settled completely you don’t end up again feeling as I did once I finished getting settled in my new place.
    I wouldn’t say it is loneliness as much as longing. Not even sure what I am longing for. Perhaps longing for what I had expected my life at this stage would be like. A longing for “might have been” – even though the “might have been” that I had based my past life on never came to fruition.
    I am working very hard now at “Choosing Joy” each and every day.
    Hoping that very soon I will cease to think of “him” daily. Even getting to a place where it is every other day will be an improvement.
    Sadly – each day I think of “him” it isn’t because I want to “go back”. Instead – I still want him to feel the pain he caused me by him losing what he moved on to. Then I feel so much guilt for wishing him pain.
    Best of everything in your new place! Keep finding the JOY in moving on.


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