OMG I could’ve used that advice a very long time ago! Awesome


The phone rings, we answer hello, and it starts. “mom, mommy, mommy, I want juice. Mommy who’s on the phone, mommy who is it? MOMMY!!!???”

My first reaction used to be walk away and find another room, tell them to be quiet, hide in the bathroom. Nothing worked. I couldn’t compete with 2 girls vying for my attention and the person on the phone. Your kids know they wont be getting any of your attention when they hear that phone. I’m talented and can multitask like the best of them, but even I couldn’t manage the phone and them. So in one of my parenting classes I learned this awesome trick.

A phone basket. The best advice I have ever gotten (when I remember to use it) Go to Target dollar section, or the Dollar Store, and get a variety of small toys for kids to play with. Mine consists…

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