Getting Out Of The FUNK!

Feeling blue?  Not sure how to get out of that “funky feeling”?  I hear ya!  No matter what may be going on in your life, big or small, it sometimes is very hard to get yourself up and out of  feeling down.  I have to share a quote with you that came from a very good friend of mine this week.    I had been stating how I was feeling at the beginning of this week and my friend said “it’s time to pull yourself up by the bra-straps and let the transformed Kimberly back in”.  Over the past couple of weeks the way I was feeling was allowing my old self, the defeated self to creep back into my life.  I was becoming depressed and very unhappy. My friend knew not to sugar coat the words and tell me point-blank to get out of this mood and continue on the path to renewing who Kimberly is.

I explained that I needed to take a little time just to process the feelings I was having, but I also did need that reminder that if I stay in the “funk” for too long, it could move me backwards.  It’s not easy to think about when we are dealing with emotions that are upsetting but it is so  important that we do.  I was reminded that I have become a stronger person and I cannot let these emotions take that away from me.     Ignoring the emotions we are feeling will not work,  it is important to move through them no matter what the situation is and the key is to know when enough is enough and put that emotion behind you.  If you are dealing with a loss of a loved one,  a marriage, or a relationship you will have many emotions to deal with and you never know when they will pop up.

I’ve been divorced for more than a year and I still have these emotions that pop up and I’m learning how to process them.  The fact that I know I need to process them and move forward is what matters the most.  When you find yourself struggling over an issue, emotion or fear remember to feel it, let it go and move forward.   I made a promise to myself and I encourage you to do so as well.  

“Do NOT let what you have been through defeat you, for if we remain confident in ourselves we will continue to be lifted up”


Courageous Butterfly